5 Inspirational Books on Money

One of my favorite pass times is reading. Naturally, you might suspect that since I’m passionate about Financial Planning I’ve read a few books on the subject. It’s true! 

But one does not need to be giddy about their personal finances to be inspired by a few great reads. Yes, I said it, INSPIRED! If you’re looking for a new financial outlook this coming year, consider reading one of my top 5 inspirational books on money. 



Photo credit: www.niutoday.inf


1. The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason

Like most personal financial books, The Richest Man in Babylon emphasizes saving over spending. Filled with unique faux-biblical parables, George Clason insists that charitable giving is equally important. This book about acquiring wealth has inspired people since the 1920’s.

2. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Richard Kiyosaki

A story about a school-age dropout who spends less than he earns proves to be smarter than a college professor who cannot make ends meet. Kiyosaki shares his advice about the best investment of your time and money. 

3. The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn

This best selling book introduces readers into a revolution of material freedom and radical generosity. 

4. The Legend of the Monk and the Merchant

This is a book of one man’s version of how to live a life honoring God in his chose vocation, either as a minister or in the marketplace. The story mostly unfolds as to how to honor God in the market place, yet a glimpse or two are given into the life of one chosen, by God, to live in full time service to telling others revelations from God and expounding on the scriptures 

5. The book of Proverbs

Interestingly enough this book containing 31 chapters can be found in the Bible. The book of Proverbs is chalked full with verses about money, debt, giving, and finances. In it you’ll learn to be a wise steward of the resources God has given you.