Market Plunge

"Buy the Dip" or "Throw in the Towel"

Hello All, In the midst of Wednesday’s market plunge numerous financial websites weighed in on whether it was time to “buy the dip” or “throw in the towel”. One writer, Wolf Richter (editor-in-chief of the Wolf Street Blog), advised readers that according to one indicator they would strongly want to consider the latter.  His theory […]

Next Stock Market Bubble

Late in the cycle of the housing boom in 2007 that helped produce the stock market bubble, analysts and hedge fund managers at prescient firms such as Scion Capital and FrontPoint Partners became aware of a strange new phenomenon in home mortgages that were being “securitized” into mortgage-backed securities (MBS). What they found was that […]

Stock Market

Stock Market Returns- interesting insight

This past weekend as I was reading over my reviews on the stock market I ran across a research note I think you will find interesting on the market producing more gains. This comes from RBC Global Asset Management. They found that when the LEI index (simple measurement of Leading Economic Indicators) was RISING month-to-month AND […]